25 Ways To Make Your House Guests Feel Comfortable

1. A comfortable guest room is very important to my family. We live in Las Vegas so we get weekend guests fairly often. I try to make my guests feel the way they would if they were staying at a hotel down at the Strip so we always keep clean crisp sheets on the guest bed and an amenity bundle that makes them feel like we welcome them.

You will need three towels

  • 1 Bath Towel
  • 1 Hand Towel
  • 1 Wash Cloth

Tie together with a satin ribbon and place in the middle of the bed.

2. Leave an amenity basket on the dresser. Fill a small dollar store basket with samples you can also get at the dollar store. Include things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, hand lotion, suntan lotion, hand sanitizer,

3. Place a fresh box of tissues in the room along with a clean waste paper basket.

4. We put a small TV in the room, but if you don’t have a TV it is nice to put some magazines on the dresser especially if you know topics that they would be interested in.  My friend collects rocks and minerals and stays with us when he is in town so I always try to put some collectors magazines in there when he stays. Thrift shops usually have very inexpensive magazines on odd topics that you can look through and find interesting things.

5. If you have Wi-Fi make sure the password is available.

6. If you live near a beach it would be nice to put shells in the room or if you live near the woods fresh pine cones will also make the room feel very home-like.

7.  Living in Las Vegas we have a large collection of tourist brochures that are given out at the attractions. This will give your guests a good idea of what is available to see in the area. Most local hotels have a display of them in their lobby and they are free.

8. Know ahead of time what your guests like to eat and make sure you have a few of their favorite things especially late-night snacks where they have no option to go out. Plan to meet with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free diets, low salt, low calorie. Your guests will really appreciate it.

9. Stock the bar. Make sure if you planning on serving alcohol that you have what a person drinks.

10. Fresh flowers are always a winning move. They can be cut from your garden or store-bought.

11. Even though your guests are only staying a short time make sure there is room in the closet and empty a draw or two. Some people don’t like living out of a suitcase and feel much more at home when they can actually unpack.

12. We don’t use the guest room furniture so the draws aren’t opened as often as other draws in the house. To prevent them from smelling musty place a dryer sheet in them and remove it right before your guests arrive. It keeps the draw’s smelling fresh and clean.

13. Keep some clean pillows and blankets in the closet as extras. Some people like to sleep with multiple pillows for health reasons. It’s better to offer more than not have enough.

14. We keep several pairs of spa slippers on hand. These are inexpensive new cloth slippers that your guest will really appreciate especially if you don’t like people to walk with their shoes on the carpet.

15. Make sure your fireplace is clean and ready to turn on. If you plan on lighting up a fire pit have lots of dry wood available.

16.  Pick up a large pack of plastic cups for the duration of your guest’s stay. You won’t have to be a slave to making sure your glasses are always clean and you can enjoy your time better.

17. If your guests have never been to your home before make sure you give them a tour. This helps make them feel like they are home much faster.

18. If you sleep later than your guests make sure they know where the coffee maker is. If they are anything like me, it’s not morning without opening my eyes to coffee. You might want to set the machine up at night so all they have to do is push a button. Put out coffee mugs so your guests don’t have to hunt for the proper cup.

19. Some people like tea in the morning so keep an assortment on a plate and let them choose their own. Tea is as important as coffee to some people.

20. You may consider installing room darkener shades in your guest room especially if the sun comes in early in the morning. You want your guests to relax and be well-rested.

21. Place small individually wrapped over-the-counter pain medication samples in your amenity basket so if your guests should need them while you are sleeping they don’t have to wake you up.

22. A few hours before your guests arrive open up the windows and allow some fresh air in. If you like us, we keep the door to the guest room closed to discourage the kids from entering it and making a mess.

23.  Even if you don’t have children it’s best to have a few toys or children’s videos available. Bored children will turn to the adults for something to do and if you don’t provide it then your visit may not be as pleasant.

24. Make sure you provide your guest with an alarm clock or be prepared to make a wake-up call.

25. Even though you may not smoke your guest might so make sure you set up an appropriate area where they know they can go to comfortably relax with a cigarette or cigar. Provide a chair and a disposable ashtray. This way they know where to throw away the butts.

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