8 Tips and Tricks for the Latest Fashion Trends

It seems like every year, new fashion trends pop up out of nowhere, take the world by storm, and then disappear before we can even get used to them. As style icon Coco Chanel once said, Fashion fades; only style remains the same. But how do you make sure you’re following the latest style trends without spending all your money on clothes that you might end up never wearing? Here are eight tips and tricks for finding the latest fashion trends and making them your own, so you can look great without having to spend a fortune doing it!

1) Accessories

Accessorizing has become a lot more important in modern fashion. In fact, accessories are almost as important as your clothes themselves. At some point, everything from hats to scarves and even necklaces can be considered an accessory. You don’t want to come off like you’re trying too hard—that’s a definite no-no when it comes to fashion. For example, if you wear an all-black outfit but add a pop of color with an accessory (like a bright red belt), then you get to create that perfect contrast that makes your outfit interesting without being cheesy or obvious. #7 Pay Attention to Colors: Colors play a big role in style, and you should take them into account when planning out outfits. For example, wearing black on top and bottom could make your legs look skinnier than they actually are because they blend together better than black pants on top of white pants would. Alternatively, putting on a brightly colored shirt over black pants will bring attention to how slim your waist looks—it’ll make it seem smaller than it actually is! And since colors have different psychological effects (red means danger while blue means calmness), choosing what colors go well together isn’t just about looking good; it also affects how people see you!

2) Pants

Shorts, or pants that go above your knees, can be a tricky area to navigate when you’re trying to dress well. Pants should fit well in all areas—they shouldn’t be too tight around your thighs or buttocks, nor should they be too baggy around your waist. To avoid looking like you borrowed someone else’s pants, look for pants that flatter you—get measured before heading out shopping! Some of us are more comfortable with looser-fitting pants (even going up one size), but if tight jeans make you feel good about yourself, then wear them! The point is to feel comfortable so that you can rock whatever trend comes next.

3) Hair

Everyone is talking about hair. In an industry that uses every trick in the book to grab our attention, cutting-edge hairdos are what get us to sit up and take notice. Whether it’s a chop, curl or color, we all want our hair to be on point. And with so many unique styles available, we have so many more options than ever before when it comes to making a style statement. To make sure you always look your best, follow these eight tips and tricks for putting together a great hairstyle:…

4) Accent colors

Have you ever noticed that a pop of color can completely change your outfit? You don’t have to be a clotheshorse to get into fashion—you just need to know how to mix and match. The secret is what designers call accent colors, or those little touches that can bring an outfit together without detracting from its overall theme. Try pairing any of these accent colors with your existing wardrobe

5) Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. I know they might seem like a relatively small detail, but believe me—they aren’t. The right pair of shoes can take an outfit from dull to dazzling in a heartbeat. If you’re looking to pick up some shoe styles that are trendy now, check out these options: low heels; pointed toes; ankle boots; platform sandals; combat boots. Keep in mind that not all types of shoes fit every body type, so it’s important to choose your style wisely (see my notes below). In addition, be sure to pay attention to current trends within each category—I mentioned low heels above because they are trending now, but it doesn’t mean that will always be true!

6) Coats

It’s starting to get chilly. In order to stay fashionable while keeping warm, think layers. Wear a coat over your outfit that features an interesting fabric or color, but layer a sweater under it. Alternatively, opt for a coat that’s made of a warm material such as wool, cashmere or faux fur. Whatever you do, make sure your coat is short enough to wear with high-waisted items like leggings or skinny jeans (you don’t want to lose your waistline just because it got cold outside). If you’re not keen on wearing layers in autumn/winter, opt for a classic peacoat or trench coat instead.

7) Stripes

Stripes are popping up everywhere. From slacks to shirts, even accessories like socks, belts, scarves, bags… you name it! If you haven’t jumped on board yet with stripes, we’ve listed a few suggestions here that are super stylish. And if you’re hesitant to give them a try because they seem too trendy, don’t worry: stripes are here to stay! The key is finding unique ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe without going overboard. Want proof? Below we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to rock stripes in style! [Insert List of 8 tips or tricks] ## 8 Unique Ways To Wear Stripes Just because it’s an item that everyone else is also wearing doesn’t mean that you can’t look good in it!

8) Non-socks

One trend in fashion that’s beginning to see a resurgence is bare feet. It can sound a little unhygienic, but if you’re wearing shoes without socks, make sure to wash your feet before you put on your shoes. This will reduce some of your foot odor while still keeping things fresh. Once you have clean feet, stick them into comfortable shoes (don’t wear sandals). And lastly, make sure you change into clean socks every single day. You wouldn’t keep one pair of underwear on all day long every day; why would it be different with socks? Remember: Keeping it fresh starts with washing your toes!

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