10 Tips To Choose The Profile Picture

In this article, we’ll tell you some easy tips to choose the profile picture for Facebook and Twitter. The photo is, moreover, one of the most important elements. Today we give you some tips on how to deal with dignity your way through the Internet through social networks like Facebook or Twitter. 

1) Take off a good shot

Formerly opted to the services of a professional photographer to take our best face, but the truth is that there are high-quality cameras for pennies that can bring really good results. If you also take advantage to get your best side and then apply some tweaks through programs like Photoshop, your cover photo can be of real luxury. Remember that your photo will be seen by many people: first of all your friends and secondly, also by all those who are not. As you may know, Facebook does not allow hiding the title picture and profile, so always be visible to everyone you search the Internet for.

A picture may be very well taken but be unsuitable for certain people to see in your profile. If you are looking for work (more in these times) the recruiter could do a search to see if you have a profile on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure the photo is appropriate and that it is fit for everyone to see. Forget strange poses or undesirable situations if you want to make a good impression.

2) Choose a light background during choosing profile picture

When you go to take a photo, choose a white or clear one so that your face can look good.  If you want a quality image, do not use the typical photos with bad lighting, facts in light of the outbreak of a nightclub. Choose light environments and a peaceful environment.

3) Take advantage of the potential of the new biography

As you know, the new biography that introduced Facebook for months now includes the ability to make works of art. On one hand, you have to select the cover photo and the profile on the other. The combinations may prove to be very true if you mix landscape with stunning illustrations or photographs. We want to remind you that there is an application called Tricked Out Timeline that allows modifications and assembly of our biography of a more nimble.

4) Has your hobbies and tastes photos

Your photos on Facebook do not have to be a neutral space, with a simple and serious photo. Nothing is further from the truth. You can insert photos on the cover and in the profile to define your tastes and hobbies. For example, if you’re a big fan of reading can opt for some literary snapshots. If you like to surf you have the option of selecting one of the last photos that you have made catching a wave. This way you can better communicate your personality. Both to friends and to people who are trying to find out something about your profile on the Web.

5) Use a cartoon to give an original feel to your profile

 If you did a caricature on the Ramblas and don’t know where to put it, your Facebook profile can be a good option. Demonstrate that you have a sense of humor and you will give an original touch to your biography.

6) Avoid other people’s photos or drawings of characters

Choosing the profile picture is the most important step. Some people choose to add to their profile pictures of other celebrities or animated characters. Somebody finds your profile and sees that fronted SpongeBob has no logic. So your best option is to add a picture of yourself and make use of creativity, which never hurts.

7) If you have a business, do not mix pictures of other things in your profile

If you opened a cheese shop, you have to create a new profile, apart from your personal account on Facebook or Twitter. Do not forget, in that case, you should keep strictly separate accounts to keep track of your business accurately. Do not mix personal photos on the profile of the dairy. It would give a responsible image.

8) Do not put erotic photos

Some love cavorting for the camera to put in your profile. Then highly erotic photos, with strange poses and shirts unbuttoned. As you can imagine, this is not the best image to show the world. Reserve eroticism for intimate moments and remember that your profile on Facebook or Twitter can be examined by your boss and by thousands of people in the world who do not even know you.

9) Choose simple, unobtrusive backgrounds

On Twitter, your opinions are very important. A background loaded, replete with photographs and montages strangers could repel even the most painted. Select one of the options that are offered to you in the social network. Try to find a fund that invites you to read your tweets and not run away.

10) Please note that the photos create opinion, channeled yours

 Including a photo of yourself on Facebook or Twitter can be a final gesture to create an opinion on others. Think about what you want to convey and find a photo that represents your character, your ideas, your personality, your desires for the future, and so on. Your social networking profiles are a window into the world to communicate. Take advantage of them!

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